Advantages of Clay Tile Charlotte Roofing Products

If you’re a homeowner shopping for the most appropriate material to use on your roof, then clay tiles is the way to go. These products possess certain inherent characteristics that help in conserving energy. For instance, natural thermal resistance in raw materials is created by cross-sectional parts of the tiles when properly installed.

In addition, since the slabs are installed individually, instead of in sheets or overlapping design, they create natural airspace around the joints which enhance a natural ventilation providing some form of thermal barrier for efficient heat transmission to the decks. Below are other reasons why people are using clay tiles as their preferred Charlotte roofing products.

I. Array of colors and styles to choose from

They are usually manufactured in a variety of colors, ranging from light shades to much darker varieties with multiple colors, this makes it easier for one to coordinate their room with the home’s exterior design. Moreover, these products have been made in such a way that they can match any architectural blueprint required for home construction. Tiles can be designed to resemble antique barrel style or any other roofing materials you may think of, such as slate or wood. Furthermore, studies show that during resale these houses attract customers much faster compared to other products like asphalt shingle. Look at this website to see a variety of clay color and style options.

II. Longevity

Centuries old clay tile roofs are still existent up to date, once you put one for your house forget about having to install another material anytime soon unless of course you want a double layer. This product has also been classified fire resistant and can withstand speeds of up to 150 MPH, they also have a tensile water-resistant outer shell with underlayment also available as an additional shield. Additionally, slabs can withstand destruction from hailstones as big as 2-inches, which is much larger than a typical golf ball.

III. Ecofriendly

Tile roofs are made from natural material and are therefore 100% safe to the environment, they don’t require the use of chemicals during production unlike other industrially manufactured products. The item also doesn’t deplete scarce natural resources that are available, like wood roofing does to tree cover. Even if for whichever reason you want to change the roofing it can still be recycled, instead of being thrown into the landfill. Otherwise, its longevity also ensures that you won’t be visiting the landfill anytime soon.

Furthermore, independent lab tests have shown that tiles can cut transference of heat within the house, keeping you cool even when temperatures outside are high. In fact, it’s up to 70 % more efficient than asphalt shingles in this particular regard. Similarly, natural air ventilation that occurs under the tiles can provide the benefit of a much cooler house during summer and a warmer home in winter. This temperature regulation ability also ensures that your heating/cooling costs are kept low and affordable.

Apart from the above benefits, these Charlotte roofing products are also easy to install, with the process only taking a few minutes when done by professionals. Similarly, maintenance is less stressful since tiles are easy to repair given that they’re individually installed.

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