Plumbing And Building Codes

It is the responsibility of Government to ensure homeowners are safe by enforcing building and plumbing codes for new construction and renovations. These plumbing and building codes govern the construction industry and help form a safe standard for construction. This covers everything related to plumbing and heating. So you can feel safe knowing drainage, pipe and vent dimensions, as well as any electrical components involved are all covered in these regulations.

These building codes vary depending on which Province or State you live in. Municipalities may change their own plumbing codes provided they are of a higher standard than the originally established local plumbing codes. When this happens, licensed plumbers are all made aware of the changes and are required to act accordingly. That is why homeowners may be required to upgrade things like hot water tank Vancouver ventilation when a new system is installed.



Here are the three major plumbing codes in North America:

The Canadian Plumbing Code – The primary plumbing code used in Canada, is developed by the National Research Council
The International Plumbing Code – The most widely used plumbing code in the United States, is developed by the International Code Council

The Uniform Plumbing Code – The second major plumbing code used in the United States, is developed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

Plumbing Codes For Laymen

The plumbing codes in your area have common traits in all North American documents. These are legal documents with specific ground rules for plumbing systems, written in legal terms. These documents can be difficult to understand without proper training. If you fall in that category there are two sections you want to get familiar with; the definitions section and the index.

With a basic grasp of your local building and plumbing codes you should be able to hire a plumber with confidence and be able to make him understand that you expect him to adhere to these legal requirements. This may be your best form of protection against fraud.

We are aware of all plumbing codes at all times and are on top of any changes as they occur. We strictly adhere to these building codes in all the work we do and guarantee the work we do. For any plumbing job you require, Pioneer Plumbing and Heating Inc. is a great example of a company with experienced journeyman who will get it done to spec, on time and within budget.

If you need to hire a local plumber and don’t know who to call, do some research online to find reviews on companies that look legitimate. There are a lot of good plumbers out there, so take your time and find someone you feel comfortable with. Even better, if you can get a referral from someone you know that is always the best.

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