Home Improvement Contractor Tips

One of the most difficult problems to overcome is hiring someone to do contract work on your home and then having to do it a second time because the first company did poor work, or worse yet they outright lied about their credentials and sold you a bill of goods.

After helping thousands of home owners we found a few simple common precautions anyone can take to guard against home improvement piracy.

Company Reviews

This is the most likely place to start when looking for a contractor. Here is Canada there are a number of online directories where you can look for customer reviews on specific companies. First of all find someone you think you could hire and then follow through by researching their reviews.

Start with “company name reviews” as a search term. Just insert the name of the company in front of the word reviews. This will bring up a few results such as their Google local profile, Yelp, Homestars, N49, Yellow Pages, to mention just a few. Most profiles with reviews on them will have yellow stars visible in search to make them easier to find.

Better Business Bureau

You can also look for them in the Better Business Bureau. A good rating is usually B+ or higher. Keep in mind the BBB is a paid service and they do not police their members very closely.

Company Name

New companies have two strikes against them from the get-go. They have no track record and there is the possibility they registered a new company name to escape a sordid past. Always ask how long they have been in business. If it is less than two years dig a little deeper to see if they have a dark past. You can call your city hall to see if the owner has been operating under a different name in the past.


All good home service companies carry proper WCB and liability insurance. Make them prove their coverage to guard against a possible lawsuit in the event someone gets hurt on your property when contract work is being performed. For,instance this top rated Vancouver home renovations company is an upstanding community member.

Personal References

Some companies will offer references, but if they hesitate when you ask for references that could be a warning sign to steer clear.

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